3 Podcasts to improve your medical business


I have been a keen runner for years and love listening to podcasts to occupy my thoughts on long training runs. As I approach my late 30’s I am tending to run less and listen to podcasts on my commutes to and from work.

As a small business owner (Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne) I find Podcasts are a fantastic way of learning about business and here are my favourites to listen to on my commute.


1. Small Business Big Marketing with Tim Reid

small-business-big-marketing‘Timbo’ is an expert on marketing your business and regularly has guests who talk about how they have succeeded in business. Tim, from Melbourne, has been running the podcast since 2010 and has over 300 free episodes to download. I often feel inspired after listening to Tim – he is such a motivational and charismatic speaker and shares great advice for small businesses. Download podcasts episodes here.


2. Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn


The ‘Smart Passive Income’ podcast has been running for 4 years and has over 200 episodes to date. Pat has great guests on the show and talks about all aspects of business and passive income. If you want to learn more about marketing your business, automation, SEO and learn lessons from masters in the industry, this is the podcast for you. Personal favourite episodes include:


3. Seth Godin’s Startup School

seth-godin-startup-podcastSeth Godin is a leader in marketing and business and has a great podcast series if you have recently started a business, or are looking to start a business. The podcast is thought provoking and makes think about your business idea from conception to implementation.