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Can I book overseas travel on the virgin tile?

Yes. Partner airlines and virgin flights are available for overseas travel with discounts automatically applied.

I have compared flight prices and the price on the virgin tile is higher than the general website. What should I do?

Please screenshot both the prices so that we can forward this onto the virgin team and allow this to be investigated. The virgin tile should always she a promo fare or the public special fares, whichever is cheapest.

Can we use the Virgin booking tile on the Business for Doctors website for leisure travel?

No, The booking tile is only for eligible business travel or family members travelling with a practitioners/student who is on business.

If I obtain more than the status points required in the first 3 months will these be rolled over into the next 12 month period?

No. When you are granted a further 12 months of Gold status from the Pilot Gold program the status points reset to zero.

Can we family pool our points in order to meet the status points required to maintain Gold for a further 12 months?

No. family pooling can be used but does not apply to the initial three month period and ongoing Gold status.

Can I use my Velocity Points to pay for my ticket with the Virgin BFD special?

Yes – you can use your velocity points on economy bookings.

How do I book a flight with Virgin?

Use the video below to book your flight