Business for Doctors

Many doctors’ substantial personal and business incomes are whittled away by accounting and investment advisory fees.

Many doctors pay substantially more taxes than required. Engaging doctors through social networks offers the opportunity to ask questions in a supportive environment.

The collective experience of the group allows fellow colleagues to tap into knowledge at no cost.

This improves communication between doctors and their financial advisors and, ultimately, benefits doctors’ businesses and their patients.

Some Of Our Latest Projects:


BFD heads to the U.K

In July, BFD ventured to the UK to talk with energetic GP’s who are interested in relocating to Australia.

The BFD team covered topics including the difference between The NHS and Medicare, marketing, moving money & mortgages, properties and also gave their personal experiences working within the Australian Healthcare system.

BFD & Virgin Australia

Dr April Armstrong & Dr George Forgan-Smith talk about the Virgin Australia Status Match that is part of the exclusive offer to BFD Members on our early morning flight whilst in transit from Sydney to Melbourne.

Save $$ on flights by booking through the tile on the BFD website when booking your business travel and also take advantage of the Velocity Pilot Gold scheme.