HotDoc is a patient engagement platform founded in 2012 by Dr Ben Hurst, who saw the opportunity to streamline how GPs and patients communicate health information. The beginnings of HotDoc can be traced back to Ben’s family dinner table where he came to learn the tales and travails of medicine through his father (an ENT) and his mother (a GP). Through their experiences and his own, he decided to found a company that helped doctors build more lasting and meaningful relationships with their patients.
Today the platform helps 10,000 GPs across Australia engage and educate their patients through online bookings, recalls, reminders, check-in kiosks, digital new patient registration forms and preventative health education tools.

The HotDoc Difference

We made a promise to GPs back in 2012 when we first launched HotDoc. That promise was that we’d never knowingly undermine continuity of care and that we’d always respect the privacy of patient details.

It’s this unbroken promise in tandem with our strive to always innovate and improve that makes HotDoc different.

Whether it be building new products, such as digital new patient registration, or revamping what we already offer, such as introducing FREE in-app reminders to replace paid SMS… we’re always looking to expand and improve our platform offering.

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