1Group – Property Advisory

 Who Is 1Group

1Group Property Advisory is an independent firm that provides a strategic, end to end buyers advocacy services across the residential and commercial property sectors. Whether you are looking to start a practice, purchase a family home or obtain insights on where best to invest, reach out to a 1Group Director for an obligation free discussion.





1Group was born from an aspiration to become innovators and leaders in the real estate space, an industry that tends to be poorly managed, with a vision to create a business that has a positive impact on people’s lives. We build genuine relationships with every client and provide a service where trusted advisors, have the clients best interest at heart, always.
We believe in empowering our clients to make informed decisions and we do this by removing conflict of interest, not taking any shortcuts and ensuring you are surrounded by a dedicated and invested team of professionals. We do not engage in sales or marketing tactics that promise you the world, we do however guarantee honest, unbiased and transparent service offering on what may be one of the most significant purchases of your life.
BFD Members Offer
Having over 70% of our client base in the medical sector we are extremely proud to partner with BFD with the view of helping its members make informed property decision. Accordingly we are pleased to provide BFD members with the following 2 offers:
1. Initial Meeting at Our Cost: the meeting will provide you with an opportunity to use us as a soundboard with respect to your existing or planned property decisions, the objective of this meeting is to provide you with high level direction relevant to your situation and objectives. 
2. $1,000 Discount: 1Group Property Advisory is pleased to extend a discount of $1,000 to all BFD members who engage our comprehensive buyers agent service.