Medical Centre: Pain Management Specialists Centre

Medical Centre: Pain Management Specialists Centre


Perth has one of the longest wait-time for private pain clinic patients – many who are desperate for medical attention and understanding.

The Banksia Grove Pain Clinic as part of the “Grow Medical Group” will be the first WA clinic to offer holistic pain speciality GP, specialists and allied health collaborative under one roof.

The Team
Our ‘Dream Team” will include
An amazing business manager and leader
A dynamic and forward thinking Practice Manager
Two incredible senior administrators
4 x GPs who have compassion and understanding, as well as interest, in chronic pain
2 x orthopaedic surgeons
2 x rheumatologists
1 x Pain specialist
1 x bariatric surgeon
1 x neurosurgeon
1 x neurologist
1 x interventinal Radiologist
1 x psychiatrist
2 x psychologist
3 x physiotherapists
2 x chronic disease nurses
1 x occupational therapist
2 x psychologists
1 x exercise physiologist
2 x nurse injectors
2 x NDIS administration experts.

Our staff will work as a team and provide the best possible care to patients with chronic pain.

We would love to have you join us as an investor or clinician