Looking for the ideal team? We’re looking for the ideal team member!


The team at GSHealth (Green Square Health) has come through the immense changes of the last two years the strongest we’ve ever been.

After lockdowns, the vaccine rollout, adoption of telehealth, and navigating ever changing COVID guidelines, we’re a tight knit, cohesive team that works together to tackle the problems we face.

And word has got out. We’ve picked up more new patients than ever before, all coming because they know that being a patient at GSHealth means that you are looked after. People make a conscious choice to be patients here, as we are 100% private billing (with exceptions to chronic disease items, not patient coherts), and patients have a choice being in central Sydney, there is no shortage of bulk billing clinics to attend.

But with this demand, the time comes for us to look for a great new team member to join us.

Who is the right person to join GSHealth?

  • Someone who delivers considerate, empathetic and not rushed patient centric care
  • Someone who values being part of a team, and making decisions together
  • Someone who understands that medicine is about always learning to be better, not assuming we’re the best
  • Someone who believes that primary care can do amazing things for our patients, when we have the time, we’re funded appropriately and patients understand that we truly care about their health
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to bring their true selves to work, be open with the team, and in return feel a culture of empathy and teamwork

Of course being good at our job is fundamental to practicing medicine, but many factors go into being able to deliver the healthcare we are capable of. We believe at GSHealth that patient care starts before the patient books in with us, and continues well after they leave.

If you’re interested in investing in your future with a team that invests back, lets catch up for a tea or coffee and have a long chat about any and all questions you might have.

Dr Daniel Chanisheff is available for longer catch ups on his non consulting days of Thursday and Friday, and our practice manager Christina is available on weekdays (except Wednesday) for a phone call or also a catch up.

We’re not in a rush to fill a spot. We will take our time to make sure we’re the right practice for you, and you’re the right fit for the practice.

If this all sounds like it ticks all the boxes, don’t hesitate to reach out and call or email us.