Green Square Health is looking for a new GP to join our team

Green Square Health is looking for a new GP to join our team


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Founded in 2016, Green Square Health has grown to meet the demands of the neighbourhood, and adapted our service provision to satisfy the needs of the community.

We’re open from 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-1pm Saturdays, with sessions being flexible.

Our focus has been on developing long term patients by encouraging our patients to engage in their own preventative care, and address their more immediate needs as well.
We are involved with teaching at the registrar and medical student level, and have hosted nursing students also in the past.
A willingness to be involved in teaching is a huge plus for us.
Our doctors like to practice slow medicine, and our fee structure is designed as to not penalise you for spending more time with your patients.

We’d like to have a new member join our team willing to work 4+ sessions a week, over at least 2 days, and share the weekend roster (1 in 5 weekends).

The ideal candidate;
– loves to teach
– participates in our fortnightly clinical meetings (attends at least 1 a month roster permitting)
– has a collegiate nature, helping out their colleagues, and asking for help when needed
– loves working in a system that is designed to help them
– and wants to shape the way they practise and be involved in continuous improvement

If you have a special interest we’d love to nurture it (pending evidence base, and billing structure).

Our GP’s currently provide the following services on top of regular general practice;
– Sexual health, PrEP and S100 HIV prescribing
– S100 Hep B prescribing
– Skin cancer checks and excisions
– Antenatal shared care
– Skin, scars and cosmetic medicine
– Simple office based procedures (ingrown toenails, implanon, joint injections)
– we are fully equipped for IUD/Mirena insertion

If you’d like to know more about us in detail, please reach out and get in contact with Dr Daniel Chanisheff at
Sending through some information about yourself, and your relevant education and work experience would be greatly appreciated.

Pop by for a coffee and a chat if you think Green Square Health might be in your future!