At The Gala Dinner of BFD’s 2018 annual conference, The Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation was the beneficiary of our charity auction.

The Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of women who have survived the horrendous – and preventable – childbirth injury: obstetric fistula.

Founded almost 60 years ago by pioneering Australian surgeons Catherine and Reg Hamlin, their extraordinary journey started with an initial three year posting to Ethiopia. Today it reflects a lifetime quest to provide world best treatment to the most marginalised women: those who have suffered an obstetric fistula, an internal injury caused by an obstructed childbirth, which leaves them incontinent, humiliated and cut off from their communities.

Visit The Hamlin Shop for ethical gifts from Africa, supporting Dr Catherine Hamlin’s work in Ethiopia. Perfect for staff gifts.



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